Suzi is a yoga teacher (RYT500, E-RYT200, RPYT), body therapist, a teacher of Thai Yoga massage, acupressure and abdominal massage. She is a founder of our Yoga Zanshin studio in Pula.

For the last 23 years Suzi has been and continues studying "Sanmitsu" or " three mysteries" - the body, speech and mind throught the practices of Chi Kung, martial arts such as Kempo and Baguazhang, meditation, yoga and different approaches to Thai massage. She is a dedicated student of Shingon school of Esoteric Buddhism under the guidance of the teacher Diego Hokai Sobol.

Her yoga journey started in Pula in 1994. with the teacher Darko Grakalic when she practiced the Chinese Yoga (5 elements). In 2010 she finished the yoga teacher training (RYT200) of fluid Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Snježana Nina Vukas, Marco Bianco and Sandra Đidara Bianco. She continued her studies with advanced teacher training of Integral Vinyasa Flow Yoga and yoga therapy (RYT500) at Sangha Om Yoga School (Zagreb,Croatia) with Nina Vukas (2017). She also specialized in the area for pregnant women, finishing the Prenatal Yoga teacher training, also at Sangha Om Yoga School, and worked on Prenatal massage sequences. By continually attending workshops of widely known yoga teachers and massage therapists she is deepening and broadening her extensive knowledge. Today Suzi leads mostly Integral Vinyasa Flow yoga, and also Prenatal Yoga, Yin Yoga and Chinese Yoga (5 elements).

In 2007, with Davor Haber in the Sunshine House (today Haber Bodywork) she began studying Thai massage, and completed all basic and advanced modules there. Suzi attended many workshops and massage modules of different approaches to Thai massage in Croatia and worlwide, for example Osteo Thai & Dynamic Thai Massage(Krishna Takis, David Lutt), Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Massage ( Howard Evans). In 2011. under the Noam Tyroler School of Thai Acupressure and Thai Massage Suzi became the first ceritified instructor of Thai Acupressure in Croatia. She annualy visits Chiang Mai (Thailand) where she studies with teachers such as Pichest, Doris Kolling and Ohm Rinraya. That's where she studied the Chi Nei Tsang - abdominal massage and internal organs detox and Kersai Nei Tsang (with Ohm Rinraya in Omsala) and advanced modules of Abdominal Chi massage with Doris Kolling (Sunshine massage school) which becomes the main focus of her work. Today, Suzi offers the massage treatments daily in Pula and throughout Croatia, and teaches Thai Yoga massage, acupressure and abdominal massage.

Suzi passes on her knowledge every day in our studio Yoga Zanshin in Pula, which has hosted hundreds of content students throughout the past decade, and became a well known place for yoga ans massage in our city.

Suzana Jankovic Yoga and Thai massage
Suzana Jankovic Yoga and Thai massage
Gea Krajcar Yoga Vinyasa Prana Flow
Gea Krajcar Yoga Vinyasa Prana Flow


Gea is a teacher of Integral Vinyasa Flow Yoga (RYT500, RYT200), Prenatal Yoga (RPYT), all under the guidance of her dear teacher Snježana Nina Vukas in Sangha Om Yoga School (Zagreb, Croatia).

As a teacher she loves to remind her students of the beauty of listening and feeling your inner body and inner voice. She encourages them to reconnect with their true spirit, to walk this Earth gracefully, move mindfully. To grow their roots, to tend their inner fire, feel the breath flow from within and love fully. Teaching them to stay present and experience this life completely.

Thanks to her mother who has been learning about eastern disciplines for over 20 years, Gea has grown up (with resistance:)) under the influence of yoga tradition and teachings. Once she met her teacher Nina, her daily personal practice deepened and she decided to enroll into teacher training programs. Not long after that Gea was invited to teach daily classes in Sangha Yoga School, from beginner's to advanced classes.

Beside the continuous teacher trainings, she always stays on the path, devoted to her personal daily practice and broadening the knowledge. So, more often than not she hops on the plane and goes to various workshops. It has opened up the chance to study Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea, Simon Park, Daphne Koken, Christine May and Rob Hess. Other things that feel worth mentioning is a Bhakti Yoga Workshop with Krishna Das, workshops with Meghan Currie, Olga Oskorbina (Jivamukti Yoga), Patrick Broome (Jivamukti, Yoga For Everyone), David Lurey, Mirjam Wagner (Yin Yoga) and many more. It keeps her inspired and fresh.

At the moment, Gea lives in Seattle so you won't see her in the studio for some time.


Nika Jankovic started her professional dance career in 2009, when she joined the Junior ensemble of the Zagreb Dance Company, where she spent a year until deciding to study dance in Amsterdam. In 2014 she graduated from the Amsterdam University of Arts (Academy for Theater and Dance) and continued her education with Maurice Causey, Nina Wolny (Countertechnique), Katie Duck (MagPie), Liat Tamar Waysbort, Tony Vezich (Release the beast), Luke Jessop (Ultima Vez),Gaga, etc. Amongst others, she worked with the dance company Conny Janssen Danst, ICK Amsterdam (Emio Greco | Pieter Scholten) and choreographer Maurice Causey. Nika teaches contemporary dance at the 5 o’clock department of the Academy for theater and dance in Amsterdam and at dance preparatory courses in the Netherlands.

She recently expanded her work with Yoga practices, which gave her a perfect balance for the heavy demands of a dance career. She completed a 200 hours teacher training at the New Yoga school in Amsterdam with Johan Noorloos and Leah Kline. Afterwards, she continued her education with Daphne Koken, Simon Park, Simon Borg-Olivier, Rob Hess and Shiva Rea.

Nika Jankovic yoga dance ples
Melani Hrastic Yoga Vinyasa Pula


Melani Hrastić has started growing interest in movement of the body after intensively being engaged in sports and contemporary dance for over 12 years. Ever since, she is practicing yoga and meditation, continiously attending workshops and studying techniques of energy healing. In year of 2014 she has completed the Wellness academy "Ortosan" in Lovran, becoming a certified masseur therapist. Through years of continious work in the Wellness centre, she has gained experience and mastered multiple massage techniques. She is currently learning Abdominal detox massage as a part of "Thai bodywork Zanshin" course with her teacher Suzana Janković, alongside with attending a teacher training (TT200) with Nina Vukas in order to become a Vinyasa yoga teacher.


Kristina is an Integral Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher (RYT) and she's been practicing yoga since 2013. She fell in love with the practice, the philosophy of yoga and all beauties of this ancient discipline. Thanks to her teacher Suzana Janković, Kristina enrolled at the Sangha Om Yoga School teacher training program in Zagreb,Croatia, under guidance of Snježana Nina Vukas. The love and curiosity for anatomy and physiology, of both physical and subtle body, took her to a Thai Yoga Massage course with Suzana Janković. Kristina is deepening her knowledge daily through her practice, the teachings, and ontinually attending workshops.

Usually you can find Kristina in the studio subbing for the classes. But since she's about to give birth and become a yogi mamma, find her on the mat in Prenatal Yoga classes. :)

Kristina Pulic Damijanic