Integral Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The Integral Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes we teach at our center are, as the name itself says, integral, complete. Each class consists of an initial visualization and relaxation, Pranayama (breathing exercises), followed by a progressive sequence of asanas, with a special emphasis on biomechanics and physical and subtle anatomy of the body. We move through asanas progressively, gradually opening the body and preparing it for deeper entry into a physical, then more subtle, practice. We often use mudras and mantras, closing the whole practice with relaxation and meditation. Taking into account the natural cycles of ourselves and nature, classes have different themes, intensity, rhythm and intent. In this way, breath by breath, and asana by asana we come closer to meditation in movement and natural harmony inside and around us. The Integral Vinyasa System was created by Nina Vukas. This dynamic and extremely fluent style of yoga has its roots in Prana Vinyasa (Shiva Rea) and Ashtanga Vinyasa method.

ABC Yoga for beginners Pula

ABC Yoga

ABC Yoga classes (Absolute Beginners Classes) are a great intro to any dynamic yoga styles (like Ashtanga Vinyasa or Vinyasa Flow). These classes are designed for absolute beginners who didn't get in touch with yoga before, but also for those who have practiced some other styles of yoga and would like to get a taste of Vinyasa Flow. You will learn all the basics here, such as yogic Ujjayi breath, some other simple Pranayamas and how to use the bandhas (energy locks). We will practice in detail the Sun salutations and learn about some basic asanas (yoga postures), everything with a slow pace. It will open up the chance to become aware of your breath, to learn how to synchronize the breath with the movement and embody the dynamic transitions between the asanas. Still, we will spend enough time holding the positions so you can feel the alignment of the body. Beside the active part of the practice, there is always enough time to sit in silence and practice guided relaxation and meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga Pula, Easy Flow

Easy Flow

Easy Flow yoga is a gentler Integral Vinyasa class. This class is suitable for advanced beginners, or those who prefer a medium to a more intense practice. After we adopt the basics of ABC Yoga, the Easy Flow transitions between yoga positions become softer, more conscious and fluid, and we begin to embody meditation in movement. We move towards more demanding positions while we are entering deeper into our yoga practice. The beauty of Integral Vinyasa Yoga lies in a progressive approach, as well as in the modifications and position variations through which everybody has the opportunity to embody their safe and convenient expression of practice. Through guided sequences we try to find and explore moments and space within our body for creating lightness of movement while using breath as our primary guide. A mandatory of the practice is devoted to the breath and Pranayama, and it begins and ends with relaxation and meditation. These classes are thematic, so we create the practice following elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air), doshas, chakras or a certain asana group (balance, spine rotation, forward bending, spine extension, hips rotation).

Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Pula

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow classes are intended primarily for advanced yogis who have a regular yoga practice. Following the structure of Integral Vinyasa Flow Yoga, we are moving progressively towards more demanding, more advanced asanas. The intense sequence of each asana allows us entry deeper into our own practice through progressive approach and gradual preparation of the body. By moving towards challenging asanas we learn to remain present, with a calm breath and a soft body. Despite the demanding practice, emphasis is placed on a multitude of variations and modifications of positions so that everybody can at any given time find their pleasant asana, respecting their body and mind. These classes are thematic, so we create the practice following elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air), doshas, chakras or a certain asana group (balance, spine rotation, forward bending, spine extension, hips rotation).

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is designed to support the future mother at all stages of pregnancy and through all changes occurring on a physical, mental, and emotional level. The class consists of exercises of breathing, visualization and meditation, and a fluid sequence of gentle positions with a guided relaxation at the end. We work on relaxing painful parts of the body, mind and breath calming, gentle stretching, while raising awareness of our inner strength and relaxing deeply. Sequences designed specifically for pregnant women will give you a quieter sleep and mind, a painless back, they will promote circulation, prevent water retention in the body, and improve your digestion. Yoga techniques of breathing and guided meditation will prepare you for an active birth. During the class, we create space and time where future mothers can connect with themselves and with their inner strength while focusing their attention towards themselves and their breath. You can start practicing Prenatal Yoga after your 12th week of pregnancy. Please notify your doctor about your practice in order to get consent. Check out why our future mommies don’t miss any class. :)

Prenatal pregnancy Yoga, Pula

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a revitalizing yoga style in which we work on deep connective tissue and fascia through full indulgence and long retention of passive positions. Unlike the dynamic practice that is most common in our schedule, in this practice you will be invited to completely immerse in positions, to blend your body and muscles, and to, in a slightly different way from which you are used to, deepen your dive into your practice. Such an approach will give you an opportunity to devote to your breath more, as well as an opportunity to face yourself and emotions that can come to the surface. You can expect deep relaxation from this practice. Also, at Yin Yoga classes, we dedicate even more time to Pranayama and guided relaxation than the other classes.

Yin Yoga, Pula

Dao Yoga / 5 elements

Dao Yoga classes are focused on therapeutic work, maintaining a healthy spine and/or restoring the function of all muscles that support the proper functioning of the spine. Classes are tailored to all participants in the center, especially those who suffer from some injury or suffer from consequences of an injury. We focus on reeducation and strengthening of the muscles along the spine and abdominal, releasing tension and pain. This yoga class is essentially Chinese Yoga of five elements in which we work through the elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) while using different dynamics and strength and exploring the qualities of each element. We move the body through various breathing rhythms while practicing different qualities of each element.

Chinese Yoga 5 elements, Pula