Deep psoas work

Psoas is the most important, and yet so neglected skeletal muscle in the body. Located deep at the front of the hip and lumbar spine, psoas is a round muscle crucial for optimum posture, movement and general well-being. Its function and importance go far beyond the biomechanics, towards the nervous and energetic system. Understanding and working on psoas can help relieve pain in the lower back, achieve the right body posture, lower trauma and create a free energy flow. Any difference in the tenseness of its left side to the right, will affect the posture, and at the same time internal organs, nerves and glands. Deep work on psoas refers to: relaxation - stretching - balancing.

Psoas abdominal massage Pula Suzana Jankovic

Thai trigger points

Through many years of experience in giving massage, Suzi has combined her knowledge into a full sequence that is most effective in meeting the most common disorders of the musculoskeletal / bone / nerve system. This Thai Therapeutic Massage deals with myofascial lines and thai trigger points (point triggers), similar to those of Chinese acupuncture points. Thai trigger points are in some cases slightly differently positioned and do not share the same depth as acupuncture ones. Pressing the trigger point (acupressure) at the same location where we apply the needle (acupuncture) will not produce the same effect. Thai acupressure works on the back and front part of the body, on trigger points for the most common problems of the neck, shoulders, back, pelvic floor, chest and extremities.

Thai massage - acupressure, trigger points Pula Suzana Jankovic

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a sequence developed by Suzana Janković through many years of experience in working with pregnant women. Massage is performed in the lateral position, using acupressure techniques and pressure on the triggering points to relieve pain and tension in the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis and extremities. Massage is completely safe for every pregnant woman without undue contraindications.

Prenatal massage, pregnancy. Pula Suzana Jankovic