Welcome to the beautiful world of yoga. We are very grateful that you chose our studio in the search for the balanced and healthy living. Here we have a some information and suggestions for the start of your yoga journey.

Start from the beginning

ABC Yoga classes (Absolute Beginners Classes) are a great intro to any dynamic yoga styles (like Ashtanga Vinyasa or Vinyasa Flow). These classes are designed for absolute beginners who didn't get in touch with yoga before, but also for those who have practiced some other styles of yoga other then any dynamic yoga style and would like to get a taste of Vinyasa Flow. You will learn all the basics here, such as yogic Ujjayi breath and how to use the bandhas (energy locks). We will practice in detail the Sun salutations and learn about some basic asanas (yoga postures) and alignment in them. Soon you will be able to join us on the more advanced classes.

Classes of Chinese Yoga are also suitable for beginners, but focused more on therapeutic work and healing the injuries. These classes are also safe for the older population and for anyone who needs to practice with an emphasis on the muscles supporting the spine.

For those that are pregnant, please choose only Prenatal Yoga classes.

What to bring?

The only things that you need are light, comfortable clothes, a small towel and your yoga mat. Not having a yoga mat? No problems. You can always use one of the mats from the studio. In case you decide to dive deeper into your practice, we suggest to invest in your own yoga mat. First and foremost, because it's more hygienic, but it can also mean creating the sacred space for your personal practice and growth. You can always leave your yoga mat in the studio. All the other props (blankets, blocks, straps) you can find in the shala. We practice barefoot.

What does a yoga class look like?

We begin every class by paying attention to conscious breathing, guided relaxation and opening meditation, combined with Pranayama (breath exercises) . Then we continue with a sequence of asanas, yoga postures, and we end the class with guided relaxation in Shavasana (your favorite asana to be:)). Before we go, we sing the mantra OM (if you want to), or any other mantra.

Membership fee

Monthly fee starts from the day you come and lasts for 30 days. It is also possible to suspend it for up to 15 days in times of illness or travel commitment, providing notice is given. You can also buy drop-in classes for 70kn.

Other things to know

As we've already mentioned, if you have an injury, or you suffer from any disease which might be affected with the practice, please, make sure to always inform the teacher before the start of classes.

Be on time. We do not appreciate coming late - when the class starts, opening meditation, silence and conscious breathing are not to be interrupted.

Please respect the silence. In case of arriving early, there is probably a class going on. The door opens 15 minutes prior to the class. Also, turn off your mobile phones. This is the time for you.

Avoid heavy meals at least 2 hours before the practice. Do not forget to drink enough water during the day to stay hydrated.

Be gentle towards yourself. Respect your body and your mind. Here we learn to listen to ourselves from the inside out, and act from there.

Look out for yourself, not the others. There is no competition in yoga, yoga is a movement meditation. It is absolutely true that it strenghtens the body and makes it healthier and more balanced, but we seek for the calm mind, open heart and higher consciousness.

Registration form

If you liked your first class and want to continue this journey with us, please fill out the registration form below:

Disclaimer - It is our duty to warn you that Zanshin Association has no statutory powers to evaluate your medical condition and that you practice at your own risk. If you feel that there is a health problem that could condition your practice, please consult with your physician. For all injuries and / or health problems that may limit your practice please let the teacher know. Yoga Center Zanshin and teachers are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage to personal belongings.